WHAT'S NEW !! (>>Japanese)

  • Berry Linux 1.39 released. (2024-05-31)
  • From version 1.39, Berry Linux is based on Fedora 40.
  • From version 1.38, Berry Linux is based on Fedora 39.
  • Berry Linux Mini 1.07 released with a USB image. This version can boot in 22 seconds in case of Vaio P. (2011-02-17)
  • Berry Linux Homepage has moved. New address is http://berry-lab.net. (2012-10-01)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 17 from 1.15.
  • Berry Linux Mini 1.14 released. (2012-05-28)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 16 from 1.13.
  • The design of the Berry Linux Homepage was modified. (2011-02-18)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 15 from 1.11.
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 14 from 1.06.
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 13 from 1.04.
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 12 from 1.01.
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 11 from 0.98.
  • Berry Linux 0.97 released. This is the final release that is based on Fedora 10. Next version will be based on Fedora 11. (2009.6.24)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 10 from 0.94.
  • Now Berry has a new forum. (2008.9.2)
  • Berry Linux based on Fedora 9 from 0.91.
  • I uploaded a revision which fixes problems with booting. The cause is in a wrong kernel. (2008.2.24)
  • I received the information that Berry Linux 0.88 doesn't boot. I think the cause is new kernel's option. So I'll release a revision as soon as possible. (2008.2.23)
  • Berry begins CD sale at On-Disk.com
  • I uploaded a revision which fixes problems with a PS/2 mouse. But if you can't use a PS/2 mouse yet, type the next command on console. # modprobe psmouse (2007.6.22)
  • I received a bug report that on some machines, PS/2 mice have problems in Berry Linux 0.81. I'm studying the cause now. (2007.6.14)
  • A bug was found in squashfs. Movement in Berry Linux 0.75-0.77 may become unstable. (2007.1.3)
  • USB-HDD/Keys are automatically recognized by Berry Linux from 0.61.
  • Squashfs is used instead of cloop from 0.57.
  • Dwonloading from SourceForge.jp is sometimes fails. Please check md5sum.
  • X boots in 24 bit mode from 0.54.
  • The design of the Berry Linux Homepage was modified. (2005.1.8)
  • Password of root is 'root'. (from 0.51)
  • Berry Linux supports the Overlay File System from 0.51. (This means that you can WRITE some software on the BERRY CD-ROM)
  • Berry Linux can boot from USB-HDD/Key from 0.50.
  • I'm very busy now. So I may not reply your e-mail, sorry. But I'd like to reply e-mail as soon as possible.

What's Berry Linux ?

Berry Linux is a lightweight, lightning-fast operating system with good design and usability. It can boot from the CD-ROM / USB drive / USB-HDD / HDD. The strong points are to start quickly, to recognize much hardware automatically, and to be able to connected to the Internet.
You can use the Internet safely because this operating system is little catching viruses. Including to play the DVD (kaffeine, xine, mplayer), you can enjoy music (audacious), pictures, and the image editing (GIMP, inkscape). Berry Linux lays emphasis on Japanese environment, various fonts and a good input engine.
It aims at the next generation operating system and is using new technology. It is Fedora and Chrome OS base.

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I'd like to hear from you !

If you use this software and it doesn't work, please send an e-mail to Yuichiro Nakada, with a description of the bug. Thanks.

Download (Mirror site / Developer site)

Berry Linux USB 1.38 [64bit] (874.1MiB Based on FC40 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: d23da41d60eeadb937b2302b756eb2c9 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.38 [64bit] (913.3MiB Based on FC39 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 334b7672a06a12be54b47a8165dc38e0 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.37 [64bit] (903.9MiB Based on FC37 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 7f4fbefea39af49f6cc8fa37ff7f985a / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.36 [64bit] (858.9MiB Based on FC35 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: aea1e0aa51f00af338e6138ccf8cf416 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.35 [64bit] (900.6MiB Based on FC34 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 39f4e2cb06a1a187ec4062f81daaa8e0 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.32 [64bit] (832.3MiB Based on FC31 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 0709f8bec56d53aef8745bf493279b4f / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.30 [64bit] (773.4MiB Based on FC29 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: ce198f2aaa0e9496c3ef41b75018b59b / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.29 [64bit] (771.8MiB Based on FC28 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: b75f585147dedb18e1c127e38a3478ea / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.25 [64bit] (567.5MiB Based on FC25 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 861ec1dc7cd4dff3c5b95ae7f09f2ce6 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.24 (662.2MiB Based on FC25 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 06085f9db27c8ad7a81327c4f92eb0c5 / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.21 (733.5MiB Based on FC23 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 289d19c461f2bded7c95ca1fb33df27b / Packages
Berry Linux USB 1.19 (651.2MiB Based on FC21 / 4GB USB image)
MD5: 4c18dedfe1ced2700784e877416fb354 / Packages

Berry Linux Mini 1.20 (379.8MiB Based on FC21 / 2GB USB image)
MD5: ea4674bbdacef5ec60e3923b99e28928 / Packages
Berry Linux Mini 1.14 (294.4MiB Based on FC16 / 2GB USB image)
MD5: d23bb30f8afffc6082495bb25b37fdf6 / Packages
Berry Linux Mini 1.12 (292.2MiB Based on FC15 / 2GB USB image)
MD5: c130e8cdaf5c02c322cf7bf763ccbb1b / Packages
Berry Linux Mini 1.10 (273.4MiB Based on FC14 / 2GB USB image)
MD5: 6d462e5df31c1ec4f6570705d6755c80 / Packages

Berry Linux 1.39 [64bit] (714.0MiB Based on FC40 / ISO image)
MD5: m44a414c7d1a9ee7c4fbb6ab1b7340ebb / Packages
Berry Linux 1.38 [64bit] (738.0MiB Based on FC39 / ISO image)
MD5: b74f91291b9e93a8dda942bb384cca87 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.37 [64bit] (705.0MiB Based on FC37 / ISO image)
MD5: aa6d8719589c4c124aeb24c83d355e84 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.36 [64bit] (670.0MiB Based on FC35 / ISO image)
MD5: 972d24e579a96a653c3cc1bff58be00f / Packages
Berry Linux 1.35 [64bit] (737.6MiB Based on FC34 / ISO image)
MD5: ad8e58fce83e1ac8cf73f5bbedae8ece / Packages
Berry Linux 1.34 [64bit] (746.4MiB Based on FC33 / ISO image)
MD5: b770108e1788bec26d382b6de1afe756 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.33 [64bit] (737.2MiB Based on FC32 / ISO image)
MD5: 7cf6539cf66b7c6ed460cac2e3f7e4bd / Packages
Berry Linux 1.32 [64bit] (682.4MiB Based on FC31 / ISO image)
MD5: 457913ac811a0a695387fa4736fefc85 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.30 [64bit] (633.7MiB Based on FC29 / ISO image)
MD5: 376e9a9d882167cb73e607c93a639eda / Packages
Berry Linux 1.29 [64bit] (633.3MiB Based on FC28 / ISO image)
MD5: 8b0413cbf048a4ae1a085dac98b0aa19 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.24 (544.5MiB Based on FC25 / ISO image)
MD5: 3183149db1a9858a974844fa0c98703a / Packages
Berry Linux 1.22 (596.2MiB Based on FC23 / ISO image)
MD5: be3c0e2651e4c305e26286cfadf645ee / Packages
Berry Linux 1.20 (527.0MiB Based on FC21 / ISO image)
MD5: a04a855e7cc5e6ad6c6dafdba5a78589 / Packages
Berry Linux 1.17 (554.4MiB Based on FC17 / ISO image)
MD5: a8b868149efc425ebf5762271bdc865c / Packages
Berry Linux 1.14 (540.0MiB Based on FC16 / ISO image)
MD5: b91f66dab7132d3a937c8ecd8f802bb6 / Packages

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